What is Ecoinometrics?

The Ecoinometrics newsletter’s primary goal is to give you a long term perspective on how digital assets are shaping the financial markets and provide you with the tools to make strategic investments.

Each week:

  • We cover Bitcoin, digital assets and macroeconomics.

  • Each post contains info distilled to 1200 words (about 5 minutes read) and lots of charts.

  • Two posts per week.

  • One post is more focused on market conditions and risk metrics.

  • One post is focused on research topics and data analysis.

To give you an idea, here are some topics we have covered in some of the 150+ issues of the newsletter:

If you are a paid subscribers you get access to:

  • All the newsletters (8 per month).

  • You get to suggest what research topics you want to see covered in future editions.

  • You get to request charts on your desired topics.

The free tier of the newsletter is limited to a couple of free posts every month.

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