Understand Bitcoin’s Place In The Future Of Finance

With the global financial system built on shaky foundations, debt loaded governments and a world that never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis you can’t afford to ignore Bitcoin. 

But we got your back! Ecoinometrics is here to help you understand the place of Bitcoin in the future of finance. With more knowledge you’ll be ready for what is coming and well positioned to make good investments.

Every week we’ll check out:

  • The state of Bitcoin derivatives markets.

  • The macroeconomic trends that will shape the future of Bitcoin and global finance.

  • The breaking news that will have long term consequences for the Bitcoin network.

Ecoinometrics has a low time preference and long term view bias. That means everything we analyze is placed within the bigger picture so as to filter the signal from the noise.

A good chart is worth its stack of sats so expect to find out plenty of data visualizations in there. These will help you to grasp big ideas, find anomalies and get more insights faster.

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